Aldergrove, Gloucester to get $33.5m water upgrade

By Staff Writer – Aldergrove Star, June 13, 2012 

Metro Vancouver slated for Aldergrove and east Langely

Langley Township is making an investment in infrastructure that will ensure the Aldergrove and East Langley community has safe, clean, and sustainable water for decades to come.

The East Langley Water Supply Project is being constructed to pipe water in from Metro Vancouver to Aldergrove and Gloucester.

“We are investing in our future by providing a reliable, sustainable water supply,” said Langley Township Mayor Jack Froese.

“Bringing new, reliable, and long-term water to East Langley will protect the existing aquifers.”

The East Langley water supply project has been identified as the top infrastructure priority for the Township and was included in the Township’s 2012 budget. The project requires installation of 14 kilometres of trunk water main and construction of a large booster pump station.

Aldergrove’s and Gloucester’s current water supply is from ground water aquifers, however, long-term monitoring has shown that the supply not sustainable.

Langley Township Council is currently seeking public consent to borrow the $33.5 million required to complete the project. A bylaw authorizing the loan will be passed, unless 10 per cent of Township electors object.

The water utility projects will be repaid entirely through available water utility funds.

“Council is pleased that these projects will not be paid through property taxes,” added Froese.

“User fees have also not increased to fund the East Langley water supply project as there are enough funds in the Township’s water utility annual budget to fully repay the principle and interest charges.

“The Township of Langley is dedicated to providing clean, safe, and dependable drinking water to all its residents and businesses,” says Froese.

“That is why it is making an investment that will meet current demands and ensure there is a sustainable source of water supply as the community continues to grow. We pride ourselves on the excellent quality of life our residents enjoy, and ensuring they have reliable, sustainable water is an essential part of meeting those expectations.”

The Greater Vancouver Water District water will be piped into Aldergrove through Murrayville.

“Additional connections in the future will give other rural areas access to sustainable water as well,” added Froese.

“All of Langley will benefit from water projects, ensuring a dependable water supply for decades to come.”

(See the June 14 and 21 Township Pages for more information or visit tol.ca)


East Langley’s water currently comes from seven groundwater wells, but long-term monitoring shows the current rate of extraction is not sustainable.

The situation is worse in the summer when water usage peaks. Each year, Stage 3 water restrictions are enforced, as the existing wells do not have the capacity to meet demands.

Increase in demand is inevitable; the Aldergrove Community Plan projects the population in the area will grow from 12,000 to 20,000 people within 20 to 30 years.

Studies show the best way to increase water capacity and security is through multiple points of connection. The new pipeline will connect from the GVWD to Aldergrove and Gloucester via Murrayville. There will be additional connections at Milner, Murrayville, and Gloucester.

The project will allow for future connections along the Fraser Highway and into the Salmon River Uplands, including the Tall Timbers and Acadia water systems.

Farms will be able to draw on the new water source, according to the Township’s regulations and bylaws.

Construction of the project will reduce the amount of groundwater extracted from the Aldergrove aquifer and could also reduce water extraction from the Hopington aquifer, through future or enhanced municipal water services to the Salmon River Uplands.

The Township is investing in sustainable water throughout the municipality. The Township’s share of the Barnston/Maple Ridge Pump Station is $7 million, or 41% of the total cost. This project will also enhance Aldergrove wells and aquifers and is featured in the 2012 Budget.

As well, $1 million in upgrades to the Labonte Crescent Water main near Trinity Western University have been approved, which will improve water supplies in that community.

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