2021 WSABC Water Engineering Technology Scholarship Award

This year our WSABC Scholarship from the class of Water Engineering Technology was split between two individuals whom the selection committee both deemed worthy of the award. The field of candidates was strong and the Selection Committee narrowed it down to two and did want see either one go without recognition and award. We therefore decided to split the $2000 WSABC Scholarship and have two winners.

Our first winner and recipient of a $1000 cheque is KYRA MARSDEN.  

Lifetime Member Bruce Wilson presenting Kyra Marsden with a $1,000 cheque for the 2021 WSABC Student Scholarship award for Water Engineering Tech students.

In her application, Kyra reminded us that currently in BC, only 8% of the Operators in the water and wastewater fields are women.  She is aiming to change that by getting employed in her primary field of interest which is water treatment.   Kyra grew up in the valley in Summerland and one of the things that impressed us was her long list of volunteer roles. We noticed the stability in her work record which included longer term jobs and working in four of the local Water Treatment plants, even in a volunteer role, to gain experience. Volunteering is a natural first step for persons that want a career in public service. She was highly recommended by the WET instructors and showed very high growth through the WET program. I would like you to congratulate  KYRA MARSDEN.

Our second winner and recipient of a $1,000 cheque is KYLE GIESBRECHT.

Director Bob Hrasko presenting Kyle Giesbrecht with a $1,000 cheque for the 2021 WSABC Student Scholarship award for Water Engineering Technology students.

Kyle had a interesting and very challenging time going through the Water Engineering Technology program. Being part First Nations, he admitted early in the program to his instructors of the pressures and overwhelming doubt he faced during the early months.  Also early in the program, he broke his foot and was in a cast for 6 weeks.  As he healed and then progressed through the program, he persevered and achieved the Dean’s List twice. Kyle’s confidence and abilities grew. His goal is to take his skills, knowledge and work experiences and apply them to help those First Nations communities in BC and Canada that struggle with having clean drinking water. Kyle expressed gratitude and appreciation of his instructors at Okanagan College.