WSABC Spring Workshop 2023

WSABC Spring Workshop 2023

2023 Spring Workshop Series “More Better Water” at the Okanagan Golf Club in Kelowna

“More Better Water” at the Okanagan Golf Club in Kelowna

Thursday sessions include:

  • Discussion on how we can improve watershed security. Come with your ideas! We will bundle them into a session summary to share afterwards.
  • Information and feedback session with WLRS about the new Watershed Security Strategy Intentions Paper.
  • Multi-ministry panel focused on watershed security.
  • Examples of local watershed governance in BC.

Friday sessions include:

  • Updates from EOCP, IHA and the Coastal Water Suppliers Association.
  • Scholarship presentation to water technology students.
  • Presentations on range management.
  • Update from the Province on spring water conditions in the Okanagan.

Are you tired of complaining about things affecting water quality and don’t know who’s in charge? Us too! We will explore the topic with representatives from local government, non-profits, the Province, and industry.

Registered operators will receive CEUs for their attendance.

And this year we’re featuring extended breaks for an indulgence of networking and social fabric maintenance. Registration is now open, and don’t forget to sponsor a student to come!