No MLAs in Victoria means no changes to Water Act

The NDP environment critic is steaming mad changes to BC’s Water Act are on hold because legislature won’t sit this fall.

Sara Norman, September 16, 2013

VANCOUVER (News 1130) The BC NDP Environment Critic is annoyed the Water Act won’t be getting a makeover for at least the next few months because MLAs will not hold a fall legislative session.

BC government under pressure to amend the century old Water Act
BC government is under pressure to amend the century old Water Act

Spencer Chandra Herbert is concerned that leaves the door open for companies to keep tapping into BC’s groundwater unmonitored, a source he says is finite and important to protect.

Chandra Herbert says the Liberal Government has been talking about amending the century old Water Act for 3 years now, but to date, there’s been no draft outlining possible changes.

“The Liberals have decided to take a vacation, and still refuse to release their plans on how to improve the water act,” says Chandra Herbert.

He adds the government “could have brought in a new water act this fall so we don’t have to keep giving away water for free to multinational corporations.”

Chandra Herbert accuses the Liberal government is turning a blind eye to the loophole in legislation allowing companies like Nestle unlimited use of groundwater.

Nestle, which bottles and ships the water they use around the world, says they too would like to see changes to the act.

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