Forest Practices Board Special Investigation: Community Watersheds

The Forests Practices Board is investigating logging and range practices in community watersheds.

The Manager, Audits & Investigations for the Forest Practices Board, Doug Wahl, is looking for cooperators to participate in an FPB investigation of Community Watersheds throughout BC.

A recent release from the Forest Practices Board provides information about the program and links to additional information:

The Forest Practices Board has recently commenced a provincial scope special investigation of Community Watersheds. Link to terms of reference available at:  http://www.fpb.gov.bc.ca/TOR_Community_Watersheds_from_Objectives_to_Results_on_the_Ground.pdf

 We are in the process of selecting sample Community Watersheds around the province. We have several criteria for selection, one of which includes watersheds where there is a moderate or high risk to water quality, quantity or timing of flow as a result of forest and/or range practices (as confirmed through SWA/STTs etc.). We are also looking to consider low risk watersheds, buffered/unbuffered watersheds or watersheds where forest and range licensees have implemented notable practices to deal with source water protection issues.

Water purveyors are free to contact me by phone or email to discuss the project further and to suggest community watersheds for inclusion in the investigation. We are planning to complete our selection of community watersheds by February 24.

The association is optimistic this work will provide a critical analysis of current forest and range practices throughout the province and minimize the impacts these activities have on our water systems. Any of our members who are interested in participating in this study can contact Mr. Wahl at the Forest Practices Board office: Doug.Wahl@gov.bc.ca, office: (250) 213-4723, cell: (250) 920-6164.

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